Peel&Seal Applicators

The Peel&Seal® applicator unwind system retrofits to new or existing vertical form-fill-seal baggers. The applicator operates at your current line speed and applies the Peel&Seal® material continuously in the film flow direction.

The Peel&Seal material is applied at the center area of the package, front or back, end seal to end seal, parallel to the linear side of the package.

The Peel&Seal applicator utilizes a smooth simple rotary unwind adding packaging efficiency, durability and consistency to your production line.

The Peel&Seal applicator is about the size of a microwave oven and can easily be mounted in minimal space areas.

Peel&Seal Applicators have been successfully installed on a variety of vertical bagger brands including:

  • Accupak
  • Bosch
  • CFS
  • Hayssen
  • Ilapak
  • Pacmac
  • PFM
  • Rovema
  • SandiAcre
  • Triangle
  • Ulma
  • Universal

Call 1-888-658-7997 for more information about the Peel&Seal system.

  • Peel and Seal Images

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