Sealstrip Value Statements


We are loyal, responsible, and self-disciplined and we hold ourselves and each other accountable. We have pride in our work and our products.


We value our Sealstrip family and the health, security, and well-being of all our families.

Individual Development

We encourage and support life-long learning, personal and professional development and growth. We recognize and appreciate the value of every person and their contribution as well as the opportunities afforded to us personally and professionally.


We provide unique products to our customers and the industry, making flexible packaging more convenient. We work to be open-minded, flexible, and adaptive to new ideas, technologies, and processes. We encourage participation in decision making at all levels and the voicing of divergent opinions.


We strive to do what is right, not easiest. We respect one another, customers, vendors, the industry, the community, and the environment. We spend wisely, conserve resources, and make sound investments in our people, our products, facilities, and community.


We work together with a problem solving and cooperative mindset to achieve our common objectives. We involve every member of our team in setting and achieving our goals. We strive to communicate honestly, openly, and clearly throughout the organization and across all levels of our organization, and with our customers and vendors.