What Our Customers Have Said

“Sealstrip support and service has always been top notch. Our products are very unique and demand innovative solutions. Sealstrip not only helped develop the adhesive to use on their tape, but also worked with our film supplier to develop the proper plastic film for our application. I had thought this level of service died years ago. Thank you for your continued support and tireless drive for perfection.”

“The products were delivered on time, with expertise and professionalism.” 

“The response to difficulties, flexibility to operating schedules, problem solving emphasis, and customer focus by Sealstrip on this project was excellent. When a particular part or aspect had an issue or something else was needed to make it run better, the response time was basically the next day. We do not see that very often. The commitment to the customer and sense of urgency was excellent. The whole Sealstrip Team was great.” 

“I wish to extend to you and all of your employees, my gratitude for the long hours and extra effort given to meet our production schedule. It was a pleasure to do business with a supplier like you, that is as committed, hardworking, and dedicated to meeting your customers’ needs. Thanks to you and your excellent team of skilled professionals, we are able to meet the needs of our customers.” 

“The people at Sealstrip did a wonderful job during the recent trial run at your facility. Their patience and professionalism were instrumental to the success of the trial…I look forward to a long and successful relationship with Sealstrip.” 

“It was a pleasure to do business with a supplier that is committed, hardworking, and dedicated.” 

 “I have been positively delighted with the strong dedication of Sealstrip Corporation…you have all done a wonderful job every step of the way to create what I think is a great looking package.

The Sealstrip team has done a tremendous job supporting this project...

Your company does great work and you have done, and continue to do, everything in your power to get us through our start-up. Sealstrip Corporation is a model for how every supplier should work with a customer to make a project successful. I have every confidence that we will get through the start-up and that we will be able to count on your continued support. Thank you for your faith and dedication.”

“I want to say congratulations for the first installation of a Sealstrip applicator in Spain.

The whole team involved in the project has showed us the interest, high technology skills and hard work.

Thank you for your interest, your job and your recommendations. The result of that is an easy way for us to install and run the applicator. We are proud of our colleagues in the States.

This installation has let us enter in the main company of a food group with a yearly turnover of more than 1,500 million euro and great future possibilities (FreshPak VFFS).”

 -International customer

"I wanted to let you know that I have been extremely impressed with your team and how well the development, installation and training has gone so far for us.

The team was very accommodating with the multiple tests that we needed to run on all of our products. This allowed us to verify our systems’ capability as well as all of the necessary QA tests. We had a lot, but your team was always ready to come by and help us out.

With installation of applicators on 12 lines at our plant, it has been no easy feat, but your technician expert and his colleagues have been on top of their game. The tedious pre-engineering work definitely paid off because only small adjustments needed to be made onsite. Even with our ever-changing production schedule, the team has been extremely flexible and very accommodating.

I can’t say enough of how well the training has gone. Your technician expert has trained over 100+ operators and maintenance personnel at our plant and the compliments keep coming in about how well his training sessions were and the positive attitude he displayed. His patience with each employee helped ensure confidence in their ability to perform the task on their own- a huge step in ensuring long-term success.

Overall, everyone here at the plant is extremely pleased with how well it is going so far. The evidence was clear with how quickly they were ready to buy the applicator for the bagger. It is rare that I receive this many compliments on how well installation and training has gone for a piece of equipment.

The reseal feature is going to be “The Item” for our brand next year and we already have displays and models ready to go for next year to prominently display this new feature. I think this will be a big win for both companies.

Thank you again for your hard-working team and I look forward to our start-ups over the next few weeks!"

-prominent candy brand

 “Your experience and fresh ideas helped us make sure that the job was done right.”

"Thank you again for all your support, I have been hearing nothing but positive feedback from everyone at the plant about Sealstrip."

-international candy manufacturer