Posted on March 1, 2017

Sealstrip Honored with FPA Technical Innovation Award for FreshPak Reseal on Hershey’s Twizzlers

March 02, 2017 | Source: Sealstrip Corporation

GILBERTSVILLE, PA, March 02, 2017 – Sealstrip Corporation has been honored with the Flexible Packaging Association’s Silver Technical Innovation Award for its FreshPak Resealable feature on Hershey’s Twizzlers packages.

The innovative FreshPak Resealable features a completely FDA direct food contact compliant, resealable pressure sensitive adhesive feature for flexible packaging. The feature is also a more sustainable alternative to other reclosable technologies. When compared to a zipper, FreshPak uses 43% less packaging material, 10% less space per square inch of packaging film, and needs less shipping and storage space. FreshPak is produced on existing horizontal flow-wrappers, using less energy than a zipper applicator while maximizing line speeds.

"Sealstrip continues our decades-long commitment to meeting customer needs through development of new products that suit a variety of applications," Sealstrip President Heather Chandler comments. "We are always listening and our products continue to evolve to meet market desires. Sustainability continues to drive consumer behavior. Sealstrip has partnered with Hershey, providing them with the FreshPak resealable feature to delight consumers with extended product freshness and progress toward their sustainability goals."

Consumers appreciate the compact size and flexibility of the resealable package. It is easier to open than most packages on the market, with nothing to tear away unevenly and to dispose. The durable reseal keeps the product fresh even after many uses. Additionally the package offers an easy to see “wavy cut” tamper evidence. When the package is opened and resealed, the edges and graphics do not align. The use of an invisible-until-opened symmetric sine wave pattern slit (“wavy cut”) covered by the FreshPak tape that is 97% clear means less material and graphic intrusion. The package’s brand elements are maintained while tamper evidence is improved. The smaller, less bulky package fits attractively on grocery shelves.

Twizzlers with Sealstrip's FreshPak

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