Posted on October 12, 2017 in What's New

Lightweight materials extend shelf life and offer sustainability benefits

Reflecting the trend toward multi-functionality and food safety, Sealstrip Corp., Gilbertsville, PA, recently introduced a series of tapes that provide both barrier and FDA compliance. “In regard to sustainability, traditional reseal features add more weight to the package, require more energy to produce and affect line efficiency. With Sealstrip’s tapes, very little weight is added, very little energy is used to apply the feature, and line speeds are unaffected,” says Jo Anne Forman, director of product development.

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Posted on September 14, 2017 in What's New

Reclosable VS Resealable

When searching for the right consumer convenience feature for your product’s packaging, using the right search terms and asking the right questions is paramount. Deciphering industry terms can be like red tape between you and what you really want. Lucky for you, we want you to know what we mean! So…“Reclosable” versus “Resealable” – what’s the difference?

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Posted on September 13, 2017 in What's New

Conveniently Preserving Freshness through Packaging

Snack and bakery retail sales data for the past year points toward the importance of “freshness” as a product attribute (watch for the June issue of Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery for our “State of the Industry—Bakery” analysis for more on how freshness is taking the lead on some product segments). Convenience also remains selling point across all retail grocery channels.

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Posted on September 13, 2017 in What's New

Preservation and Convenience for the Next Class of Snacks

“It’s not just about wrapping things in the least costly single layer structure anymore,” said Heather Chandler, president, Sealstrip (Booth #C-3502). Barrier properties in today’s packaging can help foods stay fresh for longer. Brands can also turn to packaging solutions that leave less air in a package after the buyer has enjoyed part of the snack, explained Chandler. Sealstrip produces Peel&Seal and FreshPak, pressure-sensitive tape closures similar to a zipper that run as part of a flexible bag when the package is formed.

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Posted on August 23, 2017 in Packaging that Works

Packaging that Works: Zipz Wine vs Copa Wine

Packages that work for consumers are packages that provide a lot of different things like easy to open, resealable, convenience, product containment, and preserves the food longer. Today we will experience individually filled and packaged wine glasses. These products provide convenience where it’s needed; pool side or on a boat.

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Posted on July 12, 2017 in What's New

Packaging Under Pressure

How can a tape improve your brand’s bottom line? 65% of consumers want resealable features on packaging, according to a recent FPA survey. And they’re willing to pay 14% more for it. How can you get the most out of that 14% premium while meeting your consumers’ needs?

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Posted on March 15, 2017

See Sealstrip at Interpack 2017!

See Sealstrip's FreshPak applicator on an Ilapak LDR 6000!

Ilapak, Hall 8B, Booth C40

May 4-10, 2017