OpenEasy Applicators

OpenEasy ApplicatorThe OpenEasy™ applicator is designed and built to provide flexibility, and ease of operation and change-over.

The OpenEasy applicator mounts in the film unwind area of your wrapper, perforates the film, intermittently in register, in the film-flow direction, cuts the OpenEasy material to a specific length, and applies the OpenEasy material in register over the perforation. The mounting is custom designed to fit your wrapper.

The OpenEasy applicator retrofits to your wrapper and is mounted inline and adjacent to the wrapper film roll unwind. To create the easy open feature, the applicator intermittently perforates the packaging film and applies the OpenEasy material in register, over the perforation, completely sealing the package.

OpenEasy Specifications:

Weight: 180-200 pounds
Air: 80 PSI
Electric: 230 volt, single phase