Sealstrip Applicators

Sealstrip Applicator
Sealstrip Retrofit Applicator Including Two Film Unwinds and
Automatic Film Splicing

The Sealstrip® Applicator is a self-contained system that interfaces with your current wrapper, automatically converting the packaging film at your line speed. The applicator forms the tamper evident, easy open, resealable feature in the direction of film flow, creating a package that opens and reseals from end seal to end seal.

The Sealstrip applicator has proven efficiency on Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) lines. The Sealstrip applicator does not depend on heat to apply, resulting in consistent quality packages at 10 ppm or 200 ppm.

There is no reduction in line speed and no change in wrapper design. Sealstrip can be retrofitted to new or existing wrappers.

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Sealstrip Easy Reseal Machinery
Sealstrip Easy Reseal Applicator
Sealstrip Retrofit Machinery
Applicator Applying Sealstrip Tape