Peel&Seal Packaging

The Peel&Seal applicator applies the Peel&Seal material continuously to the center area of the package in the direction of film flow. Consumers open the package by using the packages current method of cutting, tearing away or pinching and pulling apart the end seal. Consumers reclose the package by lifting the non-adhesive linear edge of the tape, rolling down the bag and using the tape to seal down the rolled bag.The consumer packaging industry is constantly evolving as consumer demands for convenient packaging grow. Stay ahead of competition while meeting consumer expectations with the Peel&Seal® system. Peel&Seal provides packagers with a cost effective, high speed reclosable packaging system.

Peel&Seal applications include fresh salads, frozen baked goods and vegetables, baking mixes, cookies, snacks and candy. Peel&Seal applications can also include almost any product packaged on a vertical form fill seal bagger and some products wrapped on a horizontal flow wrapper.

The system includes the Peel&Seal material and the Peel&Seal applicator.

Perfect for:

  • Frozen foods
  • Candy
  • Snack
  • Salad