Baked Goods & Snacks Packaging Solutions

Baked GoodsWe offer several different easy open and resealable solutions for baked goods and snacks!.

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  • Frozen Pies are shrink-wrapped to keep the crust intact through distribution, Shrinktape is used to provide an easy open to ensure that the crust does not break during opening.
  • Cookies and frozen biscuits use Peel&Seal to maintain freshness and contain product in original packaging during consumption.
  • Frozen garlic toast, cookies and tortillas use Sealstrip to maintain product freshness and provide both an easy open and reseal.
  • To prevent food service workers injury, and damaged product, bakeries use Peelwrap for easy open on product trays.
  • Tortilla and flatbread manufacturers use FreshPak as a way to preserve flavor and freshness while providing both easy open and resealability.
  • *NEW* SealAcross is an intuitive easy open and resealable feature with full width opening - great for trayed cookies!
  • Recyclable Material Now Available!

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