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Packaging That Works: Baby Food - From Jars to Flexible Pouches

Today we're going to take a look at the closure fitments, the screw off, screw on caps, that have been added to pouches, that has enabled, baby food in particular, but other products, to move from glass jars or other rigid packages, to flexible pouches. Flexible pouches offer a more sustainable package then the glass jars.

Why the Industry Is Motivated to Invest in Packaging Machinery

With the continued trend towards stand-up pouches and pillow packs with increased requests for convenience features, flexible packagers feel the added pressure to keep up with the necessary new technology in packaging equipment. With the added costs, financially and operationally, what is motivating the investment in packaging machinery?

SealAcross vs Zipper Convenience & Operational Efficiency

Customers who have run the pre-zippered rollstock, have reduced product through-put per shift, because the film roll is unstable and line speed has been reduced and that they need to change the film rolls more often...Keeping these challenges in mind, we have developed our pre-applied SealAcross product...

Lose the Leakers

Don't Lose Because of Leakers. "Leaker packages are a losing proposition for the entire value chain."1 When your package experiences seal failures, you've got the notorious "Leakers." Avoiding leakers can save expenses from waste and downtime on the packaging line, returns, distributor and retailer complaints. "Finally, leakers produce losses of consumer loyalty and market share." The cost of a package with significant leaking was 20+% higher than that of a superior package.2 So how can you avoid this package failure with superior packaging?

Sealstrip Announces Passing of Founder

It is with great sadness that Sealstrip Corporation announces that Founder, Harold "Pat" Forman, 91, peacefully passed away on Sunday, October 14, 2018. Pat Forman was an entrepreneur and inventor. Over the years...

Packaging That Works: Shifting Trends in the Retail Candy Market

Welcome to "Packaging that Works", where we focus on packaging that works for consumers, by providing easy to use convenience. Today we're looking at the shifting trends in the retail candy market. All the research shows consumers prefer easy to open and resealable packages, which makes on the go snacking easier, while retaining freshness and containing the contents. First, we'll look at....

If I Hear Sustainability One More Time

We understand. It is on the list of consumer desires, but they don't want to pay for it, and neither do you. But what if we told you there are a few very easy, cost effective, and proven methods to deliver a more sustainable package?

Packaging That Works: Less is More with Tortilla Reseal Packaging

A package that works for consumers is a package that is easy to use, and provides convenience. Consumers judge the value of a product by both the product quality and quality of the package. According to a study from Mintel, 80% of consumers say that reducing packaging waste is just as important as reducing food waste. Today we'll experience two different package styles for flour tortillas. One is a pressure sensitive tape reseal and the other is a zipper reseal. And as you'll see, one of them uses 33% less square inches to package the product.

SealAcross: Sealstrip's Newest Feature is an In-Line Game Changer

Sealstrip Corporation announces the launch of its newest convenience feature for flexible packaging, SealAcross. SealAcross is an intuitive easy open, tamper evident and resealable label feature applied in the cross direction of the packaging film, at the end seal.