5 Points for Power Packaging in 2016

5 Points for Power Packaging in 2016

1. Benefit from Brand Value Upgrades

What Your Brand Delivers through Packaging

Consumers attribute certain values to your brand based on their experience with your package. Are you communicating your value to your customer or completely missing the mark?

According to the Flexible Packaging Association, 80% of brand owners report that packaging has a positive, documented impact on brand value and consumers are willing to pay significantly more for certain product attributes enhanced by packaging.

So, what can your package say about your brand?

  • I’m attractive!
  • I’m premium!
  • I’m sustainable!
  • I’m long-lasting!
  • I’m portable!
  • I’m different!
  • I’m authentic!
  • I’m resealable!
  • I’m easy to store!
  • I’m single-serve!
  • I’m multi-serve!
  • I’m protecting the product!
  • I’m fresh!

Now think about what your consumers want your brand to deliver, and what you want your brand to deliver. By prioritizing consumer desires and upgrading your packages accordingly, you avoid market mistakes and make room for your own desired brand values too. (Yes, you can have it all!)

Anticipate Consumer Desires

Keyword: Easy (to store, to open, to reseal)

So what are these top valued packaging attributes according to consumers? The Big Easies. Easy to store, easy to reseal, and easy open. And consumers are willing to pay significantly more for these packaging attributes.

Candy USA noted that resealable packages have a compound annual growth rate of more than 10 percent across the globe with sales growing over $1 billion in 5 years.

What can you earn when you add the Big Easies?

Convenience is King

The Stand Up Pouch is His First Knight

According to the Global Packaging Trends by PMMI, convenience is one of the top primary regional trends, with plastic pouches growing quickly. Pouches will see a compound annual growth of 5.7%!

There is a growing decline in brand loyalty, and brand owners must address it with innovations that address the growing desire for easy-to-store and on-the-go products. Let’s say…a stand up pouch that is easy to open and reseals?

Green Means Go

Start Sustainable, Stay Efficient

You’re tired of the word sustainable, but your consumers aren’t. One of the top trends affecting global packaging is the influence of environmental issues and the greater consumer awareness. If you’re cringing, don’t fret, there is also an increasing disposable income trending as well.

You might be thinking, I have to address the need for resealable and easy open and also keep my production lines running at current speeds AND care about the environment?!

Well there are options out there that won’t slow you down or break your bank. A Sealstrip feature replaces a zipper and provides the easy open, resealable, sustainable solution. There are several benefits:

  • Light-weighting
  • Reduce packaging film
  • Less packaging per products
  • Reduce package failures
  • Enhance consumer experiences
  • Reduce downtime
  • Increase throughput
  • Reduce inventory storage space

Go Small or Go Home

Consumers Want Smaller Packages, and Bigger Packages


Consumers want smaller packages for their on-the-go lifestyles, especially millennials, but at home, multi-serve and larger packaging is ideal for cooking, snacking, pet foods, etc.

In addition to the on-the-go trend, smaller packages are a result of healthier lifestyles. We move, we travel in our cars, we go to the gym and want to throw a healthy snack in our bag. At first you might think a smaller package doesn’t need an easy open or easy reseal. However, if you put that bag of nuts in your car, will you bring scissors and a clip to close it in case you decide to stop for ice cream instead?

Bigger packages at home are great for snacks or meal preparation, especially for families or those budgeters that buy in bulk (and subsequently would like their product to stay fresh for a period of time). One study shows that people making less than $50k are willing to pay nearly double the premium for packaging the extends the life of the product.

So, expect to provide smaller packaging. And bigger packaging. With resealable features!


If you want to explore any of these power packaging points and how they can be incorporated into your packaging, Sealstrip is here to help!