FreshPak on Flow-Wrapper Running Tortillas

We’re here at PackExpo, demonstrating the FreshPak® Resealable Packaging System, retrofitted to a horizontal flow-wrapper.

The FreshPak tape unwind is small, compact and convenient for operators to access. It delivers the tape on demand to the system. The applicator includes both the FreshPak tape unwind and the red mounting frame to the left. The packaging film enters the FreshPak applicator, where the rotary cutting blade slits the packaging film. The slit is immediately covered by the FDA compliant resealable FreshPak tape. Because the tape is thin and flexible there is no change to the flow-wrapper’s former or the seal jaws. No heat is used to apply the tape, and the system has NO effect on line speed. The FreshPak resealable package requires no additional packaging film.

Open the FreshPak package by holding onto the edge of the film and the edge of the tape and pulling apart. YES! It’s that easy to open. The package opens full width, end seal to end seal. To reseal simply press the tape back against the package. The FreshPak package is easier to use than a zipper. When resealing, there are no tracks to re-align nor a need to check if the zipper is actually closed. Once resealed, the package contains the product and maintains freshness, while the wavy cut provides visual evidence the package has been previously opened and resealed.

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