Learning and Leadership

Today’s leaders, the really good ones, have the primary guiding principle of helping others be their best selves.  Don’t get me wrong - those whose brilliant ideas and charisma bring followers rarely have anyone but themselves and their ideas as their guiding principle - but they’re not leaders to me in the sense of choosing to be a leader but rather a Pied Piper person.  Their flute may be many different qualities but it is not a conscience choice to be a leader who helps others be their best selves.  So let’s skip the Pied Piper leaders and look at an attribute of the conscious leader.  In fact it’s not just an attribute, it’s a drive, a value, a mission and a fiber woven into their being - lifelong learning.

Conferences, seminars, books, articles, trade periodicals, news, webinars, peer groups, course work, academia, whatever form we can get it in, we take it.  For many of us who actively engage in continuous learning, sometimes the messages are ones we’ve heard before.  That’s okay because it’s one more opportunity to understand it more clearly and feel it more deeply.  New ideas, concepts and messages, on the other hand can hit us like a smack on the forehead- “shoulda had a V-8” style.  Often they are simple ideas that when integrated into life can be game changers.  Today I heard one of those at the National Confectionary Association State of the Industry Conference.

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