Packaging That Works: Hunt's Tomato Paste

Hi, I'm Jo Anne Forman and I'd like to welcome you to my blog, "Packaging that Works"

“A package that works" for consumers, is a package that is easy to use, and provides convenience. Consumers judge the value of a product by both the product quality and the qualities of the package.

Today we’ll experience the package that has won the 2017 Highest Achievement Award from the Flexible Packaging Association.

Let’s use and compare the typical 6 oz can of tomato paste and a new flexible package from Hunt’s.

Starting with the typical 6oz can…

Consumers dislike having to use of tools to open a package, and the cleanup. Consumers also resent having to repackage a product once it’s been opened, or wasting the food that isn’t used.

And if your recipe only requires 2 tablespoons…there’s more work to do to repackage the left over tomato paste for the fridge or freezer and not waste it.

The Hunt’s Recipe Ready Tomato Paste Pouch package has won the 2017 Flexible Packaging Associations Highest Achievement Award.

This flexible package delivers 2 Tablespoon portions of tomato paste in a mess-free package. Tear dispense and toss, with no excess waste.

Notice the difference in the space required to dispose of each package.

The convenience of this new package can effect a change in tomato paste brand loyalty. Hunt’s is currently the only brand on the market offering the recipe ready 2 tablespoon package.

This is a Package that Works!

Congratulations to Bemis Packaging and Hunt’s, for receiving the highest achievement award from FPA, and creating an easy to use package that reduces food waste.

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