Packaging That Works: Less is More with Tortilla Reseal Packaging

Hi, I’m Jo Anne Forman and I’d like to welcome you to my blog, “Packaging that Works.”

A package that works for consumers is a package that is easy to use, and provides convenience. Consumers judge the value of a product by both the product quality and quality of the package. According to a study from Mintel, 80% of consumers say that reducing packaging waste is just as important as reducing food waste. Today we’ll experience two different package styles for flour tortillas. One is a pressure sensitive tape reseal and the other is a zipper reseal. And as you’ll see, one of them uses 33% less square inches to package the product.

First off is the Old El Paso flour tortilla package. This package is made on a horizontal wrapper which you can tell by the back fin seal. The package is laid out with nice graphics, easy open, resealable, giving you directions. Grab the edge of the tape, which is the red arrows, pull apart, take out a few tortillas, press it back together. It’s that simple, it’s done. You can tell the tamper evidence by the split in the packaging print area. You can tell that this package has been previously opened. This package take 33% less film because it basically wraps the tortillas in the same size film it would take without a reseal.

Next we’re going to look at the Chi-Chi’s flour tortillas. These are packaged in a zipper bag. The zipper bags are pre-made, at a bag maker, and shipped into the bakery where they are filled through the top and then heat sealed closed. Because of the extra space needed for filling and sealing, plus the extra zipper space below the tortillas, this package actually uses 33% more square inches of packaging film. The package also works well for consumers, it provides an easy open and reclosable and the tamper evidence is knowing that you’ve torn away the part that has printing on it. 

Thank you for joining me today, and I hope you tune into future vlogs!

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