Packaging That Works: Twizzlers with FreshPak

Hi, I'm Jo Anne Forman and I'd like to welcome you to my blog, "Packaging that Works"

“A package that works" for consumers, is a package that is easy to use, and provides convenience. Consumers judge the value of a product by both the product quality and the quality of the package. All the research shows consumer prefer resealable packages.

Today we’ll experience the package that has won the 2017 Silver Award for Innovation from the Flexible Packaging Association

Hershey’s Twizzlers with FreshPak Resealable.

This is the new Twizzlers Package with FreshPak Reclosable Feature from Sealstrip Corporation. You can see the call-out on the front of the package, “New! Stay-Fresh Resealable Bag! See back.” This is their big bag, the 2 pound bag.

When you look at the back of the package you can see the instructions say Pull Apart, Press to Reclose, and with the arrows above you can see that this is the area of the tape you can grip. What you don’t see, but if you look very closely you can see, is that we have a wavy cut underneath the tape…you have to look very closely in the light, there you can see the wavy cut. Now those waves won’t line up when you reseal the package, and that’s what gives you the tamper evidence.

This is their big bag, this is 2 pounds. And, an easy open, package opens full width, so you have full access to the licorice, which is very long and sticky. Then when you reseal the bag, just simple finger pressure to reseal it, very easy to reclose…and when you look at the graphics, you can see that they don’t realign, which then the next person that goes to see the package knows the package has already been opened.

It fully retains the product, keeps it clean, and because the product is kept in the original packaging, which is the right film structure for this product to stay fresh, the product will stay fresh longer. Stay-Fresh, Resealable Bag from Sealstrip.

This is a Package that Works!

Congratulations to Hershey and Sealstrip for receiving the Silver Innovation Achievement Award from FPA, and creating an easy to use package that reduces food waste.

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