Easy Open Flexible Packaging Solutions

Why add Easy Open?

  • Protect Product from Blade Damage
  • Protect user from injury
  • Easier for Children and Seniors
  • Easier for Gloved Users
  • Tamper Evidence
  • Recyclable




Whether it's Peelwrap®, Shrinktape® or Teartape, all of these systems make your products easy to open with a pull tab or large grip area.

Headache-Free Materials

Sealstrip Materials are manufactured in the USA in our American Institute of Baking (AIB) Superior Rated, audited facility. This rating ensures our products are safe for use with food products. Our customers count on us to keep their production lines running, with our inventories high enough so theirs can be low. Hours of continuous operation between roll changes, and maximizing in line efficiency with high quality builds our customer loyalty.

Easy to Implement Applicators

All of our applicators are designed for seamless integration with the wrapper. Our applicators apply the easy open or resealable material and form the feature, then send the film into the package forming area. Our applicators have been recognized by plant and production managers worldwide as the most efficient systems available. All systems are manufactured in the USA.