Peel&Seal Tabletop Applicator

The Peel&Seal® table top dispenser provides the quick and easy manual application of the Peel&Seal tape. The Peel&Seal applicator utilizes a smooth rotary unwind and an easy to use tape cut off system. The cut off piece of tape is then applied to a bag or a package. Peel&Seal tape provides the consumer with a consistent and reliable reclosable feature.

The Peel&Seal tape graphics provide consumer usage directions.

Peel&Seal is typically used as an easy reclose feature for a diverse range of products including: confectionary, bakery, fresh cut produce, dry beans, rice and sugar, and snack foods.

Peel&Seal Tabletop Dispenser

Peel&Seal Tabletop Dispenser

Peel&Seal Tape

Resealable Package Usage

To use the package, the consumer peels back the printed film edge of the tape, rolls the bag closed, and uses the tape to securely seal the rolled bag closed. As the product is used, the package rolls down further, resulting in a bag with less air, keeping the product fresh longer with a more compact bag for storage.

Patented in Canada and the USA.

Peel&Seal Materials

  • One inch (25.4mm) width tape
  • Compatible with a variety of film structures
  • Tape shelf life is approximately one year when stored at temperatures not to exceed 70ºF (21ºC)
  • Handle the Peel&Seal material by the core only, handling the roll by the edges will damage the tape