Reclosable VS Resealable

Reclosable VS Resealable

What's the difference and why does it matter?

When searching for the right consumer convenience feature for your product’s packaging, using the right search terms and asking the right questions is paramount. Deciphering industry terms can be like red tape between you and what you really want. Lucky for you, we want you to know what we mean!

So…“Reclosable” versus “Resealable” – what’s the difference?

Ever heard the saying, “Every square is a rectangle, not every rectangle is a square?”

A square is a special kind of rectangle, just like resealable is a special kind of reclosable feature. Not all flexible packaging closure systems are created equal. Sealstrip’s products are special in their ability to fully seal the product inside the original packaging. 

How does it work?

Sealstrip features offer reclosable convenience to your package, but with a pressure sensitive tape which fully seals and reseals the packaging, locking in freshness while maintaining the flexible package’s barrier properties.

Each pressure sensitive tape is a flexible film coated on a single side with a pressure sensitive adhesive -which fully seals the product to keep it fresh and protected. With a sealed package, there is no transference of air, humidity or unwanted aromas! The tape also has a non-adhesive edge for the consumer to easily grip when opening the package. The adhesive also provides the resealable capability; simply press to close!

Read more about Sealstrip’s pressure sensitive tapes here!

Why choose Resealable over Reclosable?

Reclosable vs resealable

Resealable offers you more benefits than a standard reclosable feature!

So next time you are searching for the best convenience feature for your package, ask “Is it resealable? Does it fully seal the product in and keep it fresh?” – Or simply click here for more information!

Sealstrip’s FDA compliant closure systems are ideal for a wide variety of products in a wide variety of films! Sealstrip will create a custom convenience solution for your product.