SealAcross Running Vegetables on a Vertical Bagger

We’re here at PackExpo, demonstrating the SealAcross® pre-applied rollstock, running on an Ilapak VT-500 Vertical Bagger.

The SealAcross feature adds easy open and resealability to this microwavable fresh vegetable package. The packaging film has had the SealAcross label pre-applied across the width of the packaging film, producing a rollstock that is flat, even, and easy to run. The SealAcross label is thin and flexible, and as a result the preapplied rollstock runs smoothly from the bagger’s unwind, through the former and into the seal jaws. No changes are made to the bagger.

Sealstrip’s vision is to make packaging easier for consumers and packagers. SealAcross helps satisfy consumer needs by providing easy open and resealability in a flexible microwavable package, that opens full width for easy product access. SealAcross supports packagers by providing a solution that requires no new equipment, no changes to the current equipment, while maintaining the package barrier properties, operational efficiency, line speeds, and the original package size.

Open the SealAcross package by holding onto the label tab and the end seal, and pulling it apart. YES! It’s that easy to open. The consumer can see and feel the packaging film tearing through the TamperTear® feature. The package opens full width, providing unrestricted access to the product inside. Simply press to reseal. Once resealed, TamperTear shows the package has previously been opened. The resealed package contains the product and maintains freshness. The SealAcross package is easier for consumers to use than a zipper because there are no tracks to re-align nor a need to check if the zipper is actually closed. 

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