Taking Care of Hearts

In my office I have lots of quotes and tidbits of advice that I’ve posted where I can see them as reminders of my personal guiding principles. One of them is a hand-written post-it note that says, “It’s a rare person who can take care of hearts while taking care of business.” This is my favorite of the 15-20 reminders in my office. To me, this is the epitome of leadership.

Meeting people where they are, coaching, growing, and developing them while delivering returns to stakeholders. The more we know and understand our teammates, the more we are equipped to maximize our success and enjoy the benefits of a high performing team. High performing teams deliver results. There are many attributes of a high performing teams, the foundation of which is trust. Knowing teammates can trust each other and the leader can be trusted. Mutual trust allows for vulnerability. Vulnerability allows us to grow and develop supporting one another. Knowing we are cared about changes our mindset. We are no longer part of the team just to get a paycheck, we are now invested in the success of the team and the organization. That’s taking care of hearts and business!