"The List"- You can be on it too!

On December 30 Sealstrip issued a press release announcing our 15th place ranking in the PA Best Places to Work program.  The release touches on some of the things that I feel create a best place to work.  I'd like to talk about that a little further.  Sealstrip has placed on the list each of the 6 times we've applied, so I think we've found at least some parts of the recipe for success. 

First, I'd like to address why it matters to be on the list.  Here are a few reasons:

1. A great place to work has employees who are engaged. Engaged employees are more productive, have fewer quality issues, and are invested in the success of their co-workers and the organization.

2. Creating a great place to work supports common corporate objectives of teamwork and excellence.

3. A great place to work creates loyalty which grows average employee tenure/turnover reduction.

4. The majority of our waking hours are spent at work.  A great work environment contributes to employee wellness and good health by reducing stress.

5. Creating a great place to work is the right thing for leaders and managers to do.  People come first.


Next, I'd like to explore a few of many general philosophies that support the creation and maintaining of a great place to work.

1. As I just mentioned, people come first.  Always.

2. The "Golden Rule" - treating people as we'd like to be treated goes a long, long way.

3. Leaders have a moral obligation to improve the lives of those they lead whenever possible.

4. People want to do the right thing and be successful. The benefit of the doubt can make a huge difference in how we relate to others.

5. We selflessly want the best for others.


Lastly, getting to the walk the talk part of being a great place to work, here are just a FEW of the hundred or so things that we do to facilitate the great environment we enjoy.

1. Company provided lunch once per week.  We all eat together in the breakroom.

2. Monthly company meetings including project updates and financial health of the company.

3. Committees of co-workers that include Safety, Leadership Development, Wellness, Events Planning, and Product safety.

4. On-site monthly yoga

5. Annual Health fair

6. Happy hours, covered dish lunches, and holiday parties

7. Excellent healthcare coverage

8. Open door policy for all managers

9. Strategic planning and goals by department

10. 100% tuition and material reimbursement

11. Flexible work schedules

12. Team building events within and between departments

13. Recognition programs including co-worker and management initiated recognition

14. Monthly wellness Lunch & Learns

15. Frequent and meaningful performance feedback and coaching

These three components - Why does a great place to work matter?  What philosophies guide our actions? Which specific actions do we take? - can provide a meaningful framework for creating a work environment that everyone enjoys and is proud to be a part of.