Field Service Technician - Full Time

Up to 85% of the job annually:

  • Travel to customer sites, both international and domestic, to install, troubleshoot and maintain Sealstrip applicators in the field
  • Train customers’ operators, maintenance crews, quality assurance etc. in the operation and maintenance of Sealstrip applicators.
  • Evaluate customers’ wrappers for retrofit of Sealstrip applicators.
  • Establish regular visits with key customers to evaluate applicators and evaluate the customer’s relationship with Sealstrip (making sure the customer is happy). 

Up to 25% of the job annually:

  • As required, install new equipment and make improvements to in-house tape production equipment to minimize downtime and improve performance
  • Help with the mechanical and electrical design of applicators in house.
  • Help with the assembly and electrical wiring of applicators in house.
  • As assigned complete in-house building maintenance and repairs.

Please email or call 610-367-6282 for full job description and qualifications.