R&D Technician - Full Time


Reports to the Director of R&D. Sets up test equipment and conducts routine tests.  Records and organizes test results.  Under general direction, performs assignments which include and are not limited to taking a concept from sketch to shop ready prints and collaborating with the R&D team on product and equipment development.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Following direction to create prototype drawings using SolidWorks EPDM software
    • Determine material needs
    • Produce shop ready prints
    • Check work
    • Present prints to Engineering manager for shop schedule
    • Present BOM to Material Coordinator
  • Organize files according to design SOPs
  • Fabricate prototype
  • Assemble prototype
  • Test success of prototype at agreed intervals
  • Implement changes/improvements
  • Test success of changes/improvements to prototype
  • Regularly collect, organize, prepare written reports and discuss test results with Director of R&D/R&D Engineer
  • Aid department(s) during transfer of equipment and knowledge from R&D to engineering


  • 5-8 years’ experience in SolidWorks PDM for drawing parts and assemblies
  • Reading assembly drawings
  • R&D at Manufacturer especially packaging industry and with flexible web handling
  • R&D or R&M in various industries with mechanical devices
  • Computer and internet experience: organizing files, email, researching parts and mechanical methods to solve problems
  • Tinkerer, mechanical aptitude and experience working hands on with tools
  • Experience solving mechanical problems that have resulted in granted patents

For full job description or to apply email here or call 610-367-6282 ext 103.