Medical Device/OTC/Personal Care Packaging Solutions

Medical PackagingSealstrip provides proven Easy Open and Resealable solutions for the medical device/OTC/personal care industry.

  • OTC and pharmaceuticals are shrink-wrapped to keep the product intact through distribution, Shrinktape is used to provide an easy open to ensure that the product does not break during opening.
  • OTC items such as cough drops use Peel&Seal to maintain freshness during consumption and contain product.
  • Personal care items such as razors or towels use Sealstrip to protect product quality and keep the product clean and contained.
  • To prevent injury when opening shrink packages with gloved hands, Peelwrap is used for the easy open medical device kits, home testing kits and even institutional detergent blocks.
  • Pre-filled syringes use Teartape which is hermetic and color coded to prevent misuse and provide easy open.
  • Recyclable Material Now Available!

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