New Feature, New Film? When & How You Should Redesign Your Packaging

When & How You Should Redesign Your Packaging

plan for packaging sealstripNow more than ever, brands are redesigning packaging more frequently to meet consumer demands and, let's just say, short attention spans. Trying to be more innovative, louder, greener, smaller, bigger, better! Sometimes it makes our heads spin trying to keep up. Maybe you're redesigning your packaging film to catch the eyes of consumers and compete with your competition. Maybe you decided to add a new packaging feature and there is a need and opportunity to change your film design. Maybe you're launching a new product. Maybe you haven't changed your packaging in a looong time and you just saw this article and thought, maybe I should! We're here to give you a couple pointers on easily integrating consumer-loved convenience features with a new film design.

Grab the Competitive Edge with Convenience

Your consumers are demanding and discerning. Recently consumers have been demanding more portion control, smaller pack sizes, and convenience features for freshness and on-the-go lifestyles. You might have picked out a convenience feature already, or you are redoing your film and should definitely check one out, or you haven't thought of it yet, and you should really CHECK IT OUT! They're awesome! But you don't have to take our word for it, any Google search of consumer demands in packaging or trip to your local store will tell you your packaging needs convenience features to maintain its competitive edge. sealstrip stand up pouch

Convenience features can change the size and layout of your packaging slightly. You may have already been making these changes because you were changing to a stand up pouch (for example- super trend!), or maybe you weren't. Don't worry, it's not as hard as it looks and it also helps to draw attention to your brand! Integrating a convenience feature by Sealstrip is easy - our team will work with your film layout to show you exactly how the feature will integrate into your packaging and interact with the graphics, we even send you mock ups of the feature on your packaging film. Bonus: Sealstrip easy open and resealable features can reduce your package size, thus giving you more shelf space to work with and a smaller footprint!

Give Your Package New Life with New Art

Your consumers are demanding and discerning - and have short attention spans. They're on the go, they're moving fast, and they aren't spending extra time looking at every brand on the shelf. You want to be that brand they see and buy. Regular redesigns of package graphics are necessary to compete with other brands and inspire new customers to buy. While your art should still remind consumers of your brand, it should also change with the times. Recent trends include matte, retro, and natural - and trends change, so should your package design.

sealstrip instructional graphics

freshpak violatorA great time to change your film is when adding or changing the convenience feature on your package. And a great time to add a convenience feature is when changing your film! We highly recommend calling out the new convenience feature with a package violator - a simple and small graphic on the front of your package near the feature saying "New Resealable!" for example. This violator can also be a part of your tamper evidence (we all know how important it is to tell if a package has been previously opened), and be instructional on how to use the feature. Brand colors can be integrated into the violator, and little to no graphic intrusion will maintain brand integrity!

Consider Custom Printing

When you only have so much space to work with, and you don't want to alter your graphics too much, but you also need to inform and instruct your consumers about the convenience feature - you're not out of luck! Sealstrip features have the option of custom printing. The actual easy open or resealable feature can be printed with your logo, instructions, call-outs, etc. You don't necessarily have to rush to change the film art of several SKUs in order to implement a new feature. custom printing sealstrip

It's very important to educate the consumer effectively on how to use the packaging, and to draw attention to the feature itself. We cannot emphasize the importance enough! Consumer testing will always show that no matter how intuitive you think the package is, and maybe 90% of use it correctly, there will be consumers who don't get it. Wouldn't you rather have 100% of your consumers using the packaging effectively? Graphic instruction, even just a simple and small graphic or the words "open here!" can make all the difference. Sealstrip can work with you on a design you prefer or help you create one that integrates with your brand!

So, when you decide to add a new feature, design new package graphics, or launch a new product, give some thought to:

  • Competitive Advantage –  Are you ahead of the trends (and your competition) in the market? Consider package style, and convenience features!

  • Consumer Perspectives – Be the brand they want to buy – catch their eye! Update those graphics and packaging features!
  • Information & Instruction – Educate consumers quickly and effectively on how packages are used with graphics and custom print convenience features!

 We’re ready to help you! For more information or free samples of Sealstrip’s easy open and resealable packaging features, contact us here or call 1-888-658-7997