SealAcross vs Zipper Convenience & Operational Efficiency


Sealstrip’s Vision is to Make Packaging Easier for Consumers and Packagers. 

Our Product Development Team inspects current packages in the market place looking for opportunities to make packaging easier.

This is a preapplied zipper package known as Innolok or Kangaroo Pouch.

As consumers, we get frustrated using this package. 

The pull tab is not accessible, we need to pick at it until we can get the opening to start.

The zipper only allows a narrow opening on this large package. It’s difficult to pour product, or to reach in and pull out a handful of product.

And then as with all zippers, we need to double check if the zipper is actually closed, which it is not.

Our customers who have run the pre-zippered rollstock, have told us about reduced product through-put per shift, because the film roll is unstable and line speed has been reduced and that they need to change the film rolls more often, because there is approximately 40% less packages on a roll.

Keeping these challenges in mind, we have developed our pre-applied SealAcross® product.

With SealAcross the PULL TO OPEN tab is easy to grip, and the package opens full width for access to the product. We can easily reach in and remove a large handful of product.

Additionally the full width opening allows for easy pouring of the product. 

Simply press to close! There are no tracks to line up!

With the unique TamperTear® technology, once resealed, there is a visual tamper evidence showing the package was previously opened and resealed.

SealAcross maintains package barrier, and contains the product.

At Sealstrip, the SealAcross label is pre-applied to your printed packaging film. Because the label material is both thin and flexible, the finished  roll is stable, there is no reduction in line speed, or the number of packages per roll.  No new equipment is needed, and there are no changes to the former.

In comparing SealAcross label packages to pre-applied zipper packages, SealAcross is significantly easier for consumers, and packagers.

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