Sealstrip Achieves GFSI-Recognized IFS PACsecure Certification

The convenience feature manufacturing plant received an exemplary score of 97.35%.

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July 2022 - Gilbertsville, PA

Sealstrip Corporation has met the requirements for the IFS PACsecure certification at a Higher Level as of May 2022.

IFS (International Feature Standards) PACsecure is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). “IFS PACsecure assesses product and process compliance in relation to the quality and safety of packaging products. IFS Certified companies ensure their services, materials, and products meet customer and legal requirements.” (PACsecure)

Sealstrip has been undertaking the process for certification for the past 2 years, while managing the significant uptick in demand for packaging due to pandemic-triggered shifts in consumer purchasing decisions. “Packaging is an integral part of the global food supply chain and we are proud to do our part to ensure product quality, safety, and compliance for our customers,” commented Sealstrip president, Heather Chandler.

Sealstrip already performed quality and compliance programs organized by a special safety task force. Materials meet food safety standards and are reviewed in design and quality control, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are integral to employee training and education. Previously, Sealstrip has received top ratings from the American Institute of Baking (AIB) for over a decade, enabling them to produce easy open and resealable convenience features for flexible packaging across a variety of industries and for some of food’s largest brands.

Going forward, Sealstrip will be maintaining the highest commitment to food safety, compliance, and quality, in order to meet and exceed customers’ brand goals and provide proven packaging solutions.

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With over 40 years of engineering innovative solutions, Sealstrip Corporation provides flexible packagers with the resealable and easy open packaging solutions that are essential to compete in today’s consumer market. The company designs and manufactures applicators that retrofit to customers’ existing wrapping machinery. Sealstrip also manufactures the pressure-sensitive tapes used to form the easy open and resealable features on flexible packages. Although Sealstrip distributes worldwide, products are designed and made in the USA.