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Resilience the Key to Career Success

Great leaders are always learning, particularly around personal growth and self-awareness. Coaches are an often underutilized resource that current leaders and those aspiring to leadership positions should tap whenever possible. Here's an insightful piece written by Peg Calvario, a fantastic coach I've had the privilege to work with.

Party Please

When people hear about all the fun stuff that we do at Sealstrip- parties on the clock, team building, weekly lunch, lunch and learns, and so many more- sometimes I get the feedback that people would rather have the money in their paycheck. I contend that the money spent on these activities actually improves profits.

The Value of Negativity

Negative employees can be a drag, but understanding the reasons for their behavior and finding ways to address them can create a better environment for everyone.

An organization can only grow as quickly as its leaders.

One of the best ways to grow as a leader is by reading. Reading, lots. There are so many great books about life, business, relationships, and history, for example. Reading books on any of these topics expands our knowledge base and helps us think and do better.

Learning and Leadership

Today's leaders, the really good ones, have the primary guiding principle of helping others be their best selves. Don't get me wrong - those whose brilliant ideas and charisma bring followers rarely have anyone but themselves and their ideas as their guiding principle - but they're not leaders

"The List"- You can be on it too!

On December 30 Sealstrip issued a press release announcing our 15th place ranking in the PA Best Places to Work program. The release touches on some of the things that I feel create a best place to work. Sealstrip has placed on the list each of the 6 times we've applied, so I think we've found at least some parts of the recipe for success. First, I'd like to address why it matters to be on the list. Here are a few reasons:

Two Words that Make Everyone in the Workforce Groan

As a leader, providing feedback to the people on my team is crucial both for individual development as well as overall team performance. Accepting feedback given by team members is also critical to my success. Celebrating our 5th year earning a place in the PA Best Places to Work, we listen to everyone's suggestions and feelings about reviews. Here are some thoughts on the subject that have been dancing in my head as we tweak our review system again.

Who Screwed Up?

I've learned about teamwork from my daughter - outside of the context of workplace politics, baggage, and personal agendas. I have two examples that stopped me in my tracks:

Diagnostics for High Performing Teams

By better understanding ourselves we can do one of two things that develop the capacity to consciously adjust behavior and thinking. We can promote our strengths and avoid our challenges, or we can appreciate our strengths and work to improve our weaknesses.