Packaging That Works: Shifting Trends in the Retail Candy Market

Welcome to "Packaging that Works", where we focus on packaging that works for consumers, by providing easy to use convenience. Today we’re looking at the shifting trends in the retail candy market.

All the research shows consumers prefer easy to open and resealable packages, which makes on the go snacking easier, while retaining freshness and containing the contents.

First, we’ll look at an easy open single serve. Appreciate the TEAR HERE is well called out, and you can see the laser score. A bit hard to initiate the tear but the rest tears well. The single-serve trend is about offering lower portions and less calories.

The first stand up pouch we’ll experience uses Sealstrip’s FreshPak pressure sensitive tape. Easy to open, nothing to tear away, full width access to the candy, just press to reseal, and provides obvious visual clues the package was previously opened. I like the fun graphic of the watermelon peeking out from behind the tape. Additionally, this is packaged on a vertical bagger with a single side gusset providing an economical package, using less film, and a Package That Works for consumers.

I like this eye-catching M&Ms graphic at the open zipper on this traditional stand up pouch. The tear away requires a little tug to remove and provides tamper evidence that the pack was previously opened. The narrow area left above the zipper is a bit difficult to grip and pull apart, but consumers are used to doing this. The zipper feature closes well. This pouch uses a thicker film for the stand-up pouch, and is a bit more expensive to produce. This is a Package That Works for Consumers.

Next, we have the perfect package for snacking in the car. It’s an interesting and ergonomic shape. Fits perfectly in the cup holder, Easy Open snap off lid, with peel able inside seal. It does seem pricier then a flexible packaging, and to close, snap back on lid. Another Package that works for consumers. This NEW PACK graphic grabs the eye and directs the consumer to see the back. Since this is a NEW pack type it’s important to clearly illustrate usage and that’s done very well here. Note the second round red label “Sealed Until Torn” for visual Tamper Evidence. Pulling on the LIFT edge of the label, I did find it difficult to pull it open the first time. It is like a bowl of candy. Surprisingly this pack is made on a vertical bagger. This package won both a 2018 Gold and Silver Award from the Flexible Packaging Association. The press to reseal is very easy. This is Packaging That Works.

Our final package is Twizzlers, using Sealstrip’s FreshPak resealable tape system. Offering an easy open with no tear away to toss away, and full width access to the long Twizzlers product, and a simple press to reseal. It's easy to see upon reseal that the package has already been opened. Packaging That Works easily and conveniently. This package won the 2017 Silver Award for Technical Innovation from the Flexible Packaging Association.

I’m Jo Anne Forman. Thank you for joining me today for Packaging That Works. I hope you'll check out my future blogs.

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