Peelwrap Packaging

An easy open feature for shrink and non-shrink packaging, Peelwrap® removes most of the packaging film with one pull. Peelwrap is a wide, pressure-sensitive tape non-adhesive linear edge that provides an area to hold onto and pull, to open the package. The Peelwrap is applied over a perforation in the film. The Peelwrap applicator mounts onto the wrapper, perforating the film and applying the Peelwrap material continuously. The end user grips the non-adhesive area and tears downward, opening the perforation and removing the film. Common easy open applications include medical devices, frozen pizza, printed forms, single-serve foods, and multi-packs.

The system includes the& Peelwrap tape and the Peelwrap applicator.

Perfect for:

  • Medical Devices
  • Frozen Pizza
  • Food Service Items