Peelwrap Applicators

Peelwrap Applicator for a Semi-automatic or Fully Automatic Wrapper
Peelwrap Applicator for a Semi-Automatic or Automatic Wrapper

The Peelwrap Applicator designed and built by Sealstrip Corporation perforates the upper or lower layer of the center-folded film, and applies the Peelwrap material over the perforation. The Peelwrap material has a non-adhesive edge in the linear film flow direction to provide a grip area for opening.

Peelwrap Applicator for a Manual L-Sealer
Peelwrap Applicator for a Manual L-Sealer

The Peelwrap unit mounts in the film unwind area of the wrapper. All mounting brackets are made to fit the individual wrapper. The applicator replaces the entire film unwind area to ensure smooth, consistent delivery to the wrapper through use of a motorized film assist and brake control unwind.

Peelwrap Specifications:

Weight: 75-150 pounds
Air: 40 PSI, .5 cfm
Electric: 110 volt