Recyclable Material for Resealable Packaging

VerdeSeal is a recyclable, proprietary pressure sensitive tape technology with FDA food compliance, applicable to Sealstrip’s easy open and resealable product lines. The recyclable material produces our same consumer-loved convenience features and no loss in operational efficiency - with the added sustainability benefit.

Utilizing recyclable polyethylene (PE) based films, VerdeSeal meets the content requirements for recyclable material. Additionally, brand owners are looking to introduce uniform compositional packaging structures whenever possible ahead of the MacArthur Foundation & Global 2025 and 2030 initiatives.

PE is viewed as a long-term sustainable package film choice:

  • Recycle streams for flexible packaging are being actively developed by large brand owners and PE producers (Dow, Nova, Lyondell)
  • Multiple investments in flexible packaging recycling and sorting facilities & pilot programs are increasing
  • New re-use markets are being developed (asphalt, concrete, building products)
  • Recycle-grade PE resin innovation pipeline is growing

In addition to recyclability, VerdeSeal was found to have the ability to produce a significant reduction in carbon footprint when compared to conventional reseal adhesive technologies.

VerdeSeal is available now for Sealstrip’s resealable product lines- Peel&Seal, FreshPak, Sealstrip, and SealAcross - ideal for a variety of applications, such as baked goods, refrigerated or frozen foods, snacks and candy, fresh produce, tortillas, shelf stable foods, pet food, personal care and more!

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With over 40 years of engineering innovative solutions, Sealstrip Corporation provides flexible packagers with the resealable and easy open packaging solutions that are essential to compete in today’s consumer market. The company designs and manufactures applicators that retrofit to customers’ existing wrapping machinery. Sealstrip also manufactures the pressure-sensitive tapes used to form the easy open and resealable features on flexible packages. Although Sealstrip distributes worldwide, products are designed and made in the USA.