Sealstrip’s Solution for the How2Recycle® Program

& Evolving Innovation for the Future of Responsible Packaging

VerdeSeal is Sealstrip Corporation’s answer to the packaging industry’s demand for sustainable solutions.

Recyclable: VerdeSeal is recyclable, proprietary pressure sensitive tape technology with FDA food compliance, applicable to Sealstrip’s easy open and resealable product lines. Utilizing recyclable polyethylene (PE) based films, VerdeSeal meets the content requirements for the How2Recycle “Store Drop-Off” label and can be recycled wherever PE film recycling streams are available.

Reduced Footprint: VerdeSeal is able to reduce the carbon footprint by 66% when compared to conventional reseal adhesive technologies. By downgauging film thickness by 20%, using a patterned adhesive application and continuing to integrate forthcoming sustainable materials, VerdeSeal offers recyclable solutions with decreased environmental footprints.

An Industry Motivated by Responsibility

The How2Recycle Program has become the standard for “brands who want their packaging to be recycled and are empowering consumers through smart packaging labels.” Additionally, brand owners are looking to introduce uniform compositional packaging structures whenever possible ahead of the MacArthur Foundation & Global 2025 and 2030 initiatives.

PE is viewed as a long-term sustainable package film choice:

  • Recycle streams for flexible packaging are being actively developed by large brand owners and PE producers (Dow, Nova, Lyondell)
  • Multiple investments in flexible packaging recycling and sorting facilities & pilot programs are increasing
  • New re-use markets are being developed (asphalt, concrete, building products)
  • Recycle-grade PE resin innovation pipeline is growing

Reducing the carbon footprint and the amount of plastic is continuously driving packaging innovation, and top brands are setting the goals and benchmarks for the near future of the industry.

VerdeSeal as one of Sealstrip’s Proven Solutions

VerdeSeal has been qualified as a recyclable solution through a product life cycle assessment performed by TÜV Rheinland, critically reviewed by Thinkstep (a Division of Sphera):

  • The study was based on 20,000 m2 label production (0.031 BSI of product)
  • The analysis followed international standards for life cycle and eco-efficiency assessment (ISO 14040:2006, ISO 14044:2006, ISO 14045:2012)
  • Key Findings
    • 2,500 kg CO2-eq per 20,000 m² not placed into the atmosphere by using innovative cure technology…Or plant 500 trees to be carbon neutral
    • 400,000 to 40,000 tonnes of CO2 will not be emitted into the atmosphere based on the adhesive choice by Sealstrip Corporation
    • VerdeSeal technology is capable of providing a 66% reduction in carbon footprint as compared to conventional adhesive technologies...the equivalent of planting 100,000+ trees per year!*

Let's talk about how VerdeSeal can help you achieve your sustainability goals! 

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With over 40 years of engineering innovative solutions, Sealstrip Corporation provides flexible packagers with the resealable and easy open packaging solutions that are essential to compete in today’s consumer market. The company designs and manufactures applicators that retrofit to customers’ existing wrapping machinery. Sealstrip also manufactures the pressure-sensitive tapes used to form the easy open and resealable features on flexible packages. Although Sealstrip distributes worldwide, products are designed and made in the USA.

*based on quantity purchased