Plan for Packaging Success in 2018

You found it. The perfect flexible packaging convenience feature.
It’s award-winning, sustainable, and efficient! Now you want to proceed with getting it up and running on your packaging – but what’s the next step? You have to get operations up to speed, and purchasing, and marketing, and engineering…each bridge you need to cross seems like a huge project!
Sealstrip can help ease your mind and provide resources for making crossing those bridges easier.
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Packaging Engineers
What does it take to add a pressure sensitive easy open and/or resealable feature to your packaging?

Let’s start with a peel test – simply send us a roll of your film (about 100’ at most!) and we’ll help you find the perfect pressure sensitive adhesive (or develop a whole new one!) for your packaging. We’ll send you a product data sheet with the specifications your team needs to sleep well at night. Our quality control team will test numerous factors related to PSA function, aging, moisture, heating, cooling, and more. Sealstrip features are successful in many industries!

How will the package look and function? Should you redesign your film graphics? What will the feature look like on your package?

Ask us about custom samples! We’ll provide you with samples made from your film with the easy open and/or resealable features of your choice. Your team will get a real feel for how the package will look and feel, and how well it will function. In some cases, you may want to redesign your film graphics to highlight and educate on the new convenience feature – we can help with that too! Our marketing department is experienced and ready to assist you to get the most out of your new convenience feature.

How can this feature be run on your line? What kind of down time, training and maintenance should you expect?

All of our applicators are manufactured in the USA, designed to easily retrofit to your existing machinery; whether it be a horizontal wrapper or vertical bagger. There is no reduction in line speeds and hours of continuous operation between roll changes. Sealstrip will even do in-plant trials with either trial applicators or pre-converted film.

A Sealstrip engineer will evaluate your line and custom design the feature applicator for you. We will then install the applicator and train the operators how to use it - Sealstrip applicators are designed to be as easy to use as the packaging feature itself! For sales and support, our customer service department is always prepared to help you! Just read some of these testimonials.

Purchasing/Supply Chain
What’s the cost per package? Will we meet compliance needs?

Our team will work with you to determine cost per package, optimum order qualities for both inventory and shipping costs, mutually agreed upon lead times, and quantity of raw material and finished inventory in the pipeline at Sealstrip. All Sealstrip materials are manufactured in the USA in our American Institute of Baking (AIB) Superior Rated, audited facility. This rating ensures our products are safe for use with food products. You can count on us to keep your production lines running, with our inventories high enough so yours can be low.

Bonus: As a certified Women’s Business Enterprise, we can help ensure your compliance needs are met and support diversity initiatives!

We’re ready to help you plan for packaging success in 2018!
For more information or free samples of Sealstrip’s easy open and resealable packaging features,
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